Why support JBL Adaptive Sports?

The benefits of sports and especially team sports for youths are well documented.  The availability of programs tailored to meet the needs of children with mental or physical disabilities who make up approximately 6% of the US school age population is limited. In her article on the NCPAD website entitled Benefits and Barriers to Fitness for Children with Disabilities, Joanne Bauman says that opportunities for fitness and leisure are limited for children and adolescents with disabilities. Many parents are apprehensive to encourage their children, because of the range of obstacles they are likely to encounter including public attitudes, lack of recreation, physical access, transportation, finances, need for assistance, and differentiated activities. JBL Adaptive Sports addresses each of these barriers by providing a thoughtful, caring sports environment where each “differently abled” athlete is supported by a trained volunteer teen buddy who serves as the player's champion. These buddies work with the professional coaches to ensure that each activity is appropriately modified for their player and that the player is engaged in the activity.  Our partership with LFC IAA Bay Area means our players are part of the LFC family.  Sessions are located at the APJCC in Los Gatos which is wheelchair as well as bathroom accessible.  Additionally, fees are significantly discounted and financial aid is available so that all differently abled athletes are welcome.

Success on the field builds positive attitude towards physical activity!

Thank You for your Support!

JBL Adaptive Sports accepts donations online through Pledgling. 

JBL is an outreach program for disabled children that provides the benefit of team sports in a supported setting so that all can play.

Consider giving your time!  Click below to sign up as a buddy for our upcoming season.  We are in need of buddies so spread the word and share this link with your friends and family!